14 Top Skin Care Tips For Older Women


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As we age, it\’s no secret that our bodies change through the years. We need to pay careful mind to what we put inside (like food and alcohol), but it\’s also important to take care of the outside of your body, as well. We\’re talking about YOUR SKIN! In the following article, we\’ll be going over the 15 most important skin care tips for the aging epidermis. FromĀ  what make up you apply, to your nightly skin care regime, we\’re here to give you a basic guideline to help keep your skin glowing and healthy into your golden years.

1/14 Concealer

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Savor the Success

The next skin care and make-up tip we have for you that is guaranteed to make your skin look glowing and young is the ever-so-handy concealer. You can hydrate, get enough sleep, and drink six cups of coffee, but sometimes you just CAN\’T hide the bags under your eyes. Add using a quick under-eye concealer to boost your energy and appearance with a quick swipe of your favorite natural beauty brand. Don\’t just swipe the concealer directly under your eyes, instead form a triangle reaching down to about mid-nose and gently blend. This is one tool we recommend to carry with you for long days at work, traveling, or simply aiming to impress.

2/14 Eyeliner


Eyeliner is, no doubt, a great addition to your make-up routine that can really make your eyes POP! So, how should you change the way you wear eyeliner as you get a little older? When you\’re young, a striking black eyeliner might compliment your youthful skin, but as you mature, your skin, and your skills, will mature as well. Try playing with other shades like a soft brown, blue or gray eyeliner. These tones may be more complimentary for your style while giving you the same doe-eyed effect.

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