15 Must Know Beauty Tips 2019


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We\’re all looking for that perfect balance of caring about how we look, but not caring too much. Well, we believe that beauty starts from the inside! Check out our article on 15 of our most favorite beauty tips from skin care, to hair care, to makeup application, and healthy eating. Implementing these 15 tips into your beauty regimen will surely have you feeling (and looking!) your best.

1/15 Rose Water

Rose Water
Daily Pakistan

This first beauty tip has been around for a while, but a lot of women are just discovering the wonders of rose water when implemented in their makeup regimen. First of all, rose water is filled with great stuff for your skin like anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties and can be used in place of a harsher astringent. Second, a spritz of rose water before and after makeup application is a great way to set your makeup or freshen up during a long day out.

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