The 15 Most Compatible Dog Breeds For The Retiree


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If you live on planet Earth and have a beating heart, it\’s probably safe to say you have a soft spot for furry, floppy-eared, four-legged friends (I know I do!). These bundles of energy and joy are fun for folks of all ages to have as companions throughout one\’s life. But as we all know, different dog breeds display characteristics, both physically and behaviorally. As you get older, retire, and are looking for a fuzzy companion to spend your days with, you might be looking for a more lax breed (or maybe not!). We\’re here to give you a list of the best dog breeds for the lucky folks that have retired from the work force and are able to spend their days with their furry friend.

1/15 Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

These kingly canines were once known, in the Tudor era, for climbing on your lap and warming your feet, and these days….they\’re known for just about the same. King Charles Spaniels have a reputation of having very affectionate, loyal, and loving demeanor\’s. So much so, that they have been used for therapy and service dogs. These dogs enjoy long days with their “person”, leisurely strolls, and lounging on the couch. This cuddly cutie weighs in at about 15-20 pounds and is around 13 inches tall, so isn\’t too big…or too small. For these reasons, and probably a million more, we think this dog breed is perfect for the retiree (and just about anyone!).

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