She Notices a Strange Line On Her Baby’s Toe And Warns Other Moms


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Maternal Instinct

It’s well known that mothers have an instinct that tells them when something is wrong with their child. But this sense is even more honed when the child is a baby. A woman known as Heather Frickes can attest to this more than anyone. She noticed something was wrong with her baby’s feet, and went to the hospital to get it checked out. What they discovered was a bigger problem than she expected, and something she felt she needed to warn other parents about.

Heather frickies

Newborn Jacob

In 2017, Heather Frickes gave birth to her first child, Jacob. She was overjoyed at the opportunity to finally start a family with her husband, a dream they had both had for a long time. And she wanted to celebrate by having an unforgettable Christmas party to introduce Jacob to their friends and family – but her plans were sidelined when she discovered an odd mark on her son’s toes.

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