If you find this near your car, call the police immediately!


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Have you ever seen a coin stuck between the car and the door latch? So it’s good to know what it is. When faced with such a situation, be careful and then do what needs to be done.

Because the coin is here for a reason…

Source: istockphoto

Read the tips we give you to prevent this from happening!

Parking your car safely has introduced a new big problem. Until now, you may have thought you were safe when you locked your car and left… Now you can forget about it.

There is a very common current in the underworld. By the time you read this, your car may be the target of suspects. They may have been chasing your vehicle before you even had a chance to lock it. And if you’re not careful, they can take your car away!

Stay Calm

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Source: istockphoto

Car thieves place these coins. It is a way used by more thieves today because it’s simple and useful. The only thing you can do against theft of your car is to be aware of this situation and follow the steps below correctly.

The crucial thing is not to panic. When you realize that the coin cheat has been used, it may seem like everything is fine yet. Your car may not be disabled and no one is sitting in your back seat (yet).

First, let’s explain how this cunning trick works…

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