Make sure you always have coffee filters at home after reading this!


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Each year, millions of coffee filters are used and then thrown away. But did you know that these filters can be used for many different purposes, and not just coffee? I recommend that you buy some packages and always have them at home because the uses I will show you are not deceitful at all! The possibilities are really infinite, so I will list here 16 different ideas. I recommend that you consider them – you won’t get lost!

1. Cleaning your car

coffee filters

Why spend money on special dashboard wipes when coffee filters are a much cheaper and maybe even a better solution? These filters do not leave fluff and therefore work just as well as microfiber cloths. Put some olive oil in a filter, and you can perfectly clean your car interior!

2. Help your plants

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filter in pot
Source: A Baker’s House

Before putting soil in the pot, it is advisable to put in a coffee filter. Fold the filter and place it on the base hole. Then fill the pot with soil and properly place your plant. The filter will absorb excess moisture when watering the plant. Say goodbye to the rotation of the root system and the appearance of mold! The sequel to the next page!

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