Put A Cup Of Rice In Your Closet And This Is What Happens!


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Why keep Grains of Rice in your Cupboard?

We all know about the delicious meals we enjoy when having cooked rice, stew, curry and sauce. What you might not know is how well rice grains serve as a moisture absorber. It is for the privilege of their hygroscopic nature that grains of rice in their numbers can work their wonders. And, as you continue to read we will fill you in on some hacks that are surely new to you. You will indeed find this information very useful.

Read through and understand these hacks.



It is well known that cupboards serve for storage and it is expected to be a cool, dry location on the inside. But like it is with most storage enclosures, moisture can form quickly and become trapped on the surface of the lids. Moisture on every part of the container surface is bound to return to the stored clothes or food items. Because there are plenty of heat sources on the outside of cupboards, not necessarily on the inside. Hence moisture will form, and rice is a household desiccant that can be used to absorb moisture.

Air Freshener

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Air freshener

This is a smart hack you should be giving a try. It is a very well-known fact that rice absorbs moisture, and adding small portions of essential oil to rice puts up a pleasant smell. Your wardrobe and your cupboard will catch on to the scent as a result. This avails you of your readily available air freshener you can make yourself at no cost. Providing such a sweet-smelling homemade air freshener for your use and moderation. It is easy to make in just a few simple steps and takes very little effort.


What is required is just grains of rice, essential oil, a bowl or a jar, a rubber band, and a cloth. For a longer-lasting fragrance, you should use white rice over brown rice. You start by placing 15 to 20 drops of the oil into the jar and mix. Then you cover up the jar with the cloth and strengthen the seal with the rubber band. There you have it, your sweet-smelling homemade air freshener placed in your cupboard.

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