She Washed Her Hair With Cola and This Is What Happened


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Some days we have good hair and other days we don’t. Trying out the cola hair rinse may come in handy on bad hair days. Nothing seems to be in harmony on those trying hair days, and every strand may be feeling solo and doing its own thing. Even pulling your hair back in a ponytail can go wrong, but on a good hair day, you can do all you want to kill that perfection, but No! Your flawlessness stays put.

The effect of cola rinse on your hair can be a fresh new look and quick fix to add to your book of hair tricks, especially if you love tousled hair to give you the breezy, messy look. It gives your hair more volume, texture, and shine. But how do we explain this cola effect on your hair? How does this soft drink enhance the natural curls on your hair?

After brushing up on our science lessons and reading other reports, we understand that cola contains phosphoric acid resulting in a very low pH level. When this comes in contact with the hair generously, it causes your hair’s cuticle to close or contract. This will make the hair appear smoother and shinier.

Step by Step Guide To Washing Your Hair With Cola

If you’ve never tried this beauty hack before, this is a complete guide for you with some bonus tips;

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