19 household tips that will make your life easier


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Staying on top of all the tasks you need to do to keep your home in good shape almost seems like a chore. You might deal with a leaky faucet today, and have to lubricate your squeaky doors the next day. The chores almost seem inexhaustible. But, it’s a responsibility you can’t escape if you want to save yourself from unnecessary expenditures that will strain your budget. These tips will help you fix minor appliance faults to achieve a cleaner and more organised home.

Fixing squeaky doors, windows, and cabinets

Cooking spray

If you find your door makes squeaky sounds often every time you use it, it could be a result of friction from the buildup of moisture and dust over the years. Grab a spray of cooking oil spray and spray on the hinges of the squeaky door, window, or cabinet. After spraying the oil on the hinges, swing the door or window back until the squeak is gone. Then wipe the hinges and other spots where excess oil splattered.

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