An 86-Year-Old Woman Doesn’t Let Anyone In … Then They Understand Why


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Nobody in the area was abreast of the true circumstances at Miss Jefferson’s old white mansion. She had kept the door closed for years. When Miss Jefferson’s neighbours learned what it was that she was concealing from the public, they began to see the elderly woman differently.

Old house

Meet the neighbour

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Old lady

When Taylor and Joe moved into their new house in 2018, it was 80 meters away from an old and neglected white house where Anne, an 86-year-old woman, lived. She piqued the interest of Joe and Taylor. They approached the house and knocked. As her new neighbours, Taylor retorted that they’ll like to introduce themselves. She asked them not to enter but promised to visit them in 15 minutes. As she approached, they noticed she looked upset, like she had not smiled in years.

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