An 86-Year-Old Woman Doesn’t Let Anyone In … Then They Understand Why


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A strange exchange


They had a nice chat but when Taylor asked if they could visit Anne’s house sometime, she objected and asked them to refrain from asking her in the future. Was relocating a massive mistake? Although it was only the first week, it already seemed as though their relationship with Anna was strained. They would have preferred to get along well with the neighbours.

Looking out for the neighbour

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On the lookout

Taylor decided to start monitoring the neighbour a bit more. She started to notice odd habits. The oddest thing she observed was a black van pulling up next to the house every Saturday. The neighbour took some bags and boxes out of the van and placed some of her items inside. The van’s driver never alighted or went into the residence.

They had to find out what was going on in the house, that much was evident. Joe and Taylor devised a strategy to break into the house. Joe began enquiring around the town about the odd neighbour. While Joe was gone, Taylor decided to enter the residence.


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