See This Miniature Prefabricated House A Couple Chose In Spain


This prefabricated house was installed on a farm in Cuenca and is owned by an elderly couple. They decided not to wait for the traditional construction process and, after considering different alternatives for industrialized houses, they ended up choosing this Tiny Houses model: tini® , a module with 34 square meters that doesn’t lack any detail.

mini prefabricated house made in spain

It was built in only 60 days, and a truck transported it to the place where it would be placed. During manufacturing, special attention was paid to thermal insulation since “according to what we were told by those who had experience working there”, comments Tiny Houses—”the region alternates periods of extreme cold with ones that are extremely hot”.

mini prefabricated house made in spain

They were unwilling to compromise on design and quality in the materials used for the façade, which was made of galvanized steel, as well as those used for walls and ceilings—OSB wood with oak flooring. This module is fully furnished with custom-made pine furniture, including a bedroom area, living space with a fireplace and kitchen table. There is also an open bathroom.