Some practical tips for when your key breaks into the lock


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Have you ever broken a key in a lock? Actually, there’s no need to ask, as it happens to everyone once or twice in their lives. Moreover, it’s not that difficult; just tighten the key a bit more, and the problem is done. The result is something full of warmth, as we have half a key in one hand and the other half in the lock. Not to mention that it seems impossible to get out of there. Our only hope in this case can be a locksmith or another locksmith.

broken key

Different cases

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In most cases, we don’t have much of a choice, because let’s not forget: this is their job, they deal with it every day. However, we can even incur lower costs if, let’s say, the incident occurs at night, on weekends, or during holidays. It is also a fact that in 99% of cases, such problems occur at an inconvenient time, so we can certainly expect a small additional cost, even if only because we urgently want to ask for help from a specialist.

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