Your washing machine sparkling clean in 1 minute? That’s how you do it!


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Your washing machine is perhaps the hardest appliance in the house to clean. It cleans your clothes, but itself becomes dirtier and dirtier.

Behind each edge, the dirt continues to build up until it is too late. You wash that dirt into your clothes or your washing machine breaks down. But how do you really get this machine clean?

Why should you clean your washing machine regularly?

No library of cleaning tips for the household would be complete without a good article about the deep cleaning of your washing machine. And especially those annoying rubber edges where everything stays in place.

Dirty, greasy edges not only age the device, but can also affect the vibrant colors and durability of your clothes. Yet we often clean our washing machine only superficially. A quick, lazy solution is useful for the moment, but you will soon regret it.

That is why we will show you on the next page how you can quickly get rid of this problem with simple home remedies!

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