Your washing machine sparkling clean in 1 minute? That’s how you do it!


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Step 2: The drum

The products needed for a clean drum have probably all been in your home for a long time. You just didn’t know that they could work for this too. If you don’t have them at home yet, every supermarket has enough of everything you need.

The process for your drum is actually the same as that of your drawers on reservoirs. And because of the chemical process that the work practically does for you, it will again only take you 1 minute. The rest of the time you have for a good Netflix episode, or other household activities.

That was the drum, but the rubber rim is a different story…

Step 3: The rubber edges

When it comes to the rubber edges, it can be a bit more complex. Here, stubborn dirt can get stuck behind small cracks, or even be stuck in the soft rubber. Use a toothbrush with the same solution and manually scrub the narrow seams. And for the smallest stowaways, use tweezers. It might take an extra minute, but it’s worth it.

This way your washing machine is spotless again and you and your clothes are safe again. From now on, keep track of your machine regularly with this fast hack and your machine will last a lot longer.

The result will be immediately noticeable, because your clothes smell fresher than ever. And there is one additional benefit that many people will not think about: a clean machine consumes much less energy.

And now wash!

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