7 Things To Do Before Turning 30


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Moving away from your parents, starting your own life. That is what happens to the most of us in our 20\’s. You are finally on your own, and you have to start your own life. Age is just a number, it is not over after you turn 30, but there are some things that you just need to learn by that time. We have collected the 7 most important activities that you would probably need to tick off your bucket list before the magical number. Please note that it is never too late to learn, it is never too late to start something new. Just think of your grandparents using the internet.


1. Learn To Cook

No you don\’t have to be the next Gordon Ramsay, but once you are on your own, it is quite handy to know some dishes. With the modern technology it\’s quite easy to learn some good recipes. Make sure you can cook 3-4 dishes OK and choose a general one that you master for the times when you are expecting guests.

2. Exercise Regime

If you haven\’t before, start exercising. Make it a habit of yours and it will make your whole life better. Find the kind of sport you love and do it 1-2 times a week. The emphasis is on the long term, so avoid going too hardcore because you can easily find yourself burnt out.

3. Accept Your Look

You now have the key characteristics of your look. Accept them, love them. If you can\’t accept them, you will make it harder to accept for the people around you.

4. Learn A New Language

You are now finishing or have just finished school. You are still in the learning flow. This is the best time to learn a new language. Knowing a second language will be useful as you travel, and will be able to help you in your professional career too.

5. Go On A Trip – But Solo

Going on a solo trip has many advantages. You will learn how to enjoy time when you are alone. It will move you out of your comfort zone and make you a more confident independent woman. By the time you arrive home you will also notice that your communication skills have improved.

6. Create Something

Most of the people feel accomplished and happy after creating something, so why don\’t you try? You don\’t have to design the next Eiffel Tower, do something small, create something you love. A playlist of your favorite music, a painting, a dance choreography or you can even start your own blog.

7. Handle Your Finances

Make a plan for paying off your debts, put some money aside. Make a list of your expenses and cutback options will reveal themselves. Ask for a raise, a small plus money in your 20s worth a lot more than in your 30s. It is the first bit that is the hardest to acquire

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