When Its Time To Quit Your Job…


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The golden rule of sayig goodbye to your current company, is already having a new job in your hand. Sometimes you don\’t and you still have to leave. Before leaving also ask you the question – “Can I afford not to have a job for a while?”. Nothing is more important than being eligible for healthcare and having food on the table right? Now that we have discussed when not to leave, let\’s check out the main signs it\’s time to quit your job…

I Quit sign

You Hate Your Job

In this case, we are not talking about the situation where you don\’t like to go to work because of the environment. In this case, we are talking about you not liking the activity that you have to pursue everyday, your profession. If you feel like your personality can\’t stand your profession, you must leave.

Negative Environment

You wake up and immediately on low energy, a bit anxious… you have to go to work again. You arrive, greet the colleagues, sit down to your desk and work the whole day without really talking to anyone. Your contribution is not valued, and your boss doesn\’t quite like you. If you are in this situation you should change. The stress, the anxiety, the sleepless nights, you and your health worth a lot more.

Following Your Plan

You probably had a plan of what you want to achieve at your current workplace. Did you achieve it? If so, it might be time to move on. If you feel like you would like to reach the same long term goal that you wanted before coming to your actual workplace, then you need to advance with your plan. Talk to your boss about other possibilities within the company or look for a new job.

No Personal Improvement

You didn\’t have a game plan before applying, and now you have been working there for years. You think you have possibly learnt everything that you could. Just don\’t get too comfortable, learning should be a never ending process. Look for new challenges, raise your values, that\’s how you become successful.

No Contribution

The part of your work that you do is just such a small part. Its not essential at all, anyone could do it. You are totally not appreciated for what you do. It might be time to move on because as per Maslow\’s Pyramid, no human can live without appreciation.

“Working Hours”

“This has to be ready by Wednesday!” Even though you only have 16 working hours till Wednesday, and you are sure the task won\’t fit in that time period, you still have to do it. What does that mean? Overtime. If you are working 10 hours a day, sleep 8, and travel 1-2, then when do you live? Your company won\’t be there for you in your older days, make sure you have a real life too.

No Mentor

Do you have no mentor in the company? Is there no one who could teach you? All the people around you are just doing their job and that\’s it? The lack of motivation around you to learn, you being the “smartest” people in the room, these are not good factors for self development. It might be time to find something new.

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