15 Workout Habits That Are Getting You Nowhere


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If you\’re working your arse off to achieve that perfect, lean summer body. Let us help you! There are such things as bad workout habits, and we\’re here to provide you a comprehensive list of workout habits that you should ditch IMMEDIATELY for a more effective workout. Work smarter, not harder!

1/15 Working the Same Muscles

Working the Same Muscles
Shape Magazine

One mistake that some gym rats do is working the same muscle groups time and time again. You\’d think that would help you achieve quick definition in a desired area, but this isn\’t going to get you to your goal as quick as you\’d think. Doing those same movement during every workout simply trains your muscles to become used to the weight and the way they are being used. This isn\’t going to produce a challenge for them or help them get stronger. Make sure your switching up your workouts and do other activities such as, biking, yoga, dance, rollerblading, whatever (!) to make sure your entire body is staying active. 

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