18 Horrible Habits You Should Ditch Immediately


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Health care and wellness isn\’t only about looking good, it\’s about FEELING good. How you feel on the inside will radiate through and can effect your confidence, self-love, and how others see you. Diet is an extremely important factor in any self-care regimen, but we are here to touch base on some other forces at work. Join us in our journey discovering the 18 HORRIBLE habits that you should ditch…immediately!

1/18 Tanning

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Many of us yearn for that youthful, exuberant summer glow. But, at what cost? Intentionally not protecting your skin is never a good idea. Prolonged sun exposure, and even worse….tanning beds..can lead to increased risks of melanoma, wrinkly skin, dry and patchy skin, and other types of discoloration. If you live in a particularly sunny place or are a frequent beach goer, make sure to lather up with (reef safe) sunscreen. And if you go to the tanning bed….don\’t. According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, using tanning beds just a couple of times can increase your risk of melanoma by 75%, especially if you are under 35. Keep your skin happy and healthy by PROTECTING it. 

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