15 Foods For Your Arteries And Heart


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Throughout our lives, having a healthy body and sound mind is imperative to a happy, fulfilling life. The heart and cardiovascular system are the center of it all. As we age, it is especially important to make sure this particular organ, and it\’s handy helpers (the arteries) are functioning properly, so it can efficiently pump blood throughout our precious bodies. While there are plenty of vitamins and supplements you can take to assist your heart and cardiovascular system in functioning healthy, there are tons of heart healthy foods you can choose from to add to your diet. In the following list, we\’ll provide you with a complete guideline of the most tasty heart healthy foods and our favorite way to eat them.

1/15 Berries

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First on our list of heart healthy foods, beautiful, bountiful, BERRIES. Not only are berries delicious, they are also SUPER nutritious! Berries like strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, and blackberries are filled with all kinds of nutrients and heart healthy bonuses. According to Healthline, a study by the National Center for Biotechnology Institution found that adding berries to one\’s daily diet showed a reduction in “bad” cholesterol, systolic blood pressure, inflammation, and can improve the function of cells that line the blood vessels that help control clotting and blood pressure. Fresh berries make the PERFECT sweet snack. Throw them in vanilla greek yogurt with honey or make a yummy fruit smoothie to start your day. Or simply grab a handful if your looking for the perfect, on the go, midday snack.

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