20 Shocking Celebrity Transformations


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Through thick and thin, we love keeping up with our favorite celebrities. Whether it’s staying loyal when they’ve put on a few pounds or cheering them on when they’ve dropped the weight, the media loves to watch celebrities transform themselves. So, for you\’re guilty pleasure, we’re here to give you the 20 most shocking celebrity transformations.

1/20 Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson

Our first celebrity transformation took us all for a shock. We all remember Jessica Simpson and her tiny frame squeezing into a pair of daisy dukes, but after childbirth, this bombshell seemed to have a little trouble shedding the baby weight. Nowadays, Simpson is known for her participation in the Weight Watcher’s diet and has been successful. You go girl.

2/20 Kelly Clarkson

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Kelly Clarkson

We’ve been watching Kelly Clarkson since she first performed (and won) Season 1 of American Idol back in 2002. This pop rock gal from Dallas has been under the spotlight since, and so has her weight. She claims to Attitude Magazine that was she is really happy with her weight. Yeehaw!

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