15 Greatest Celebrity Mustaches of All Time


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A mustache isn’t just a facial hair choice, it’s a lifestyle. There is no denying that it’s tough to grow a strong mustache, let alone one of the greatest mustaches of all time. We have collated the best celebrity mustaches the world has ever seen in one place for your admiration. Hopefully seeing these ‘taches will inspire you to try this brave look in the future and do your very best to join this hall of mustached heroes.


Michael Cera can be seen in a moustache

Michael Cera just made our list of the greatest ever celebrity mustaches. You may be asking why such a small and insignificant ‘tache has made such a list. There is good reason! Michael Cera has been dominating Twitter and Facebook feeds because of his mustached face featuring in numerous hilarious memes. This exposure makes it one of the most well-known mustaches on the internet.


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robert redford in a moustache

The talented actor Robert Redford also adopted a mustache in the late 70s for a movie role. Even though he only kept his mustache during this period, it had an impact and men and women alike. This beautifully crafted piece of facial hair inspired a generation of men to give it a go. Unfortunately, the chances of reaching Redford’s level of panache is highly unlikely.

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