15 Best Exercises for Developing Chest Muscle


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Developing your chest is one of the most difficult parts of a workout routine. We’ve included a list of exercises that can be used by not only beginners, but also the more experienced gym-goers, so there is no excuse not to give at least a couple of these a try! Here is a definitive list of 15 exercises that you can do either in the gym or in your home to help build your chest muscles.

Push Ups

Traditional Push Up


Push ups are one of the easiest ways to build up your chest. With no need for additional equipment, they can be completed anywhere at any time. Correct form is the most important aspect in making your push ups successful. Before you lower yourself down, ensure that your hands are directly below your shoulders. Once in this position push up while keeping your back straight. Following this correct form will help maximize your chest gains.

Close Grip Push Up

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There is a simple way that makes push ups more difficult and more effective at building your chest. This can be done by simply bringing your hands closer under your body. By bringing your hands closer together you’re making it more difficult to push up and down which makes your chest work harder. This technique is tough to initially get the hang of, but the increased gains make it worthwhile.

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