The Most Essential Dynamic Stretching Exercises


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Now that we have gone through the basics of stretching it is time to take a look at the most essential dynamic stretching exercises. Dynamic stretching is the kind of stretching most people use as a warm-up before executing the actual workout. It can help warm-up the muscles and increase the range of motion, so the chance of an injury gets smaller. Studies have also shown that the dynamic stretching before exercising can boost your performance.

When creating the list of the most essential dynamic stretching exercises, I was only looking for general movements. However if you really want to perform better, try to combine the below mentioned with some specific movements of your sport.

Note – While doing these exercises make sure you fully control your movement.

Lunge with a twist

Step out with your left leg into a lunge position. Make sure you put your hip into it. Once you have reached the end of your lunge motion start twisting your upper body in the direction of your front leg, which is the left one in this case. This technique will stretch your hip flexor and the upper and middle back, while also activating your muscles in your leg, core and back.

lunge with a twist

High kicks

Place your left hand in front of your chest, and do a high-kick with your right leg. Your right toe should touch your left palm, while your left elbow stays extended. This technique will stretch your hamstring, making your range of motion bigger, activating your leg muscles.

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high kick on a football match

Vinyasa flow

The vinyasa flow is a basic yoga exercise, which can be really useful at a warm-up. The movement starts in a plank position. First you push your hip to the ground, while keeping your arms straight and pushing yourself further. Note – you stay in one place during the whole movement. After the first part of the movement you let your hip away from the ground and start walking up to your hands, while keeping both your arms and legs extended. After finishing the second part, you back into the plank position. Repeat it 5 times. This action will open up your front, back, and will strengthen your upper body.

position one of the vinyasa flow

Frog walk / Hip stretch with a twist.

The frog walk position starts from a push-up stance. Place your left leg outside your left hand, then open up with your left hand until your two arms make a straight line. This will help you open up your groin, while further stretching your hip, upper and middle back.

frogwalk with a twist

Executing the above mentioned warm-up exercises with 1-2 rounds combined with some sport-specific ones should lessen the chance of injuries and bring out the best of you. Remember not to be too fast in the beginning, and control your movement throughout the whole warm-up session.


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