The Essential Etiquette Guideline For The Modern Time Gentlemen


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Being a gentleman doesn\’t depend on the size of your wallet, your look, or the car you are driving. It all comes down to manners. As a famous phrase from the movie “Kingsman” says:

Manners Maketh Man

It is great, but how would a man know what is a good manner? Our grandfather\’s advice became obsolete. The rapid technological advancement caused a swift paced societal development. This means that the societal gap between the generations are much larger than 50 years ago. If a man acts like an old gentlemen would, he might be called outdated, lame or even sexist. Let\’s see how the modern time gentlemen should behave.

Holding The Door, Pulling Out A Chair

In the old times, women\’s dressings were often so large and tight at the same time, that they made movement hard for them. The act of opening the door, and pulling out a chair was simply an implication of this fact.

Nowadays, because of gender-equality, a lot of women will take this as an act of offense. That you think women couldn\’t hold the door for themselves. What I think that it should be natural for a gentleman to hold the door open. Not only for a woman, but for anyone, in case he can help with that. It is the matter of being kind to every human being.

In contrary pulling out a chair is more like a gesture of kindness, and a sign of importance towards your loved one\’s. You definitely shouldn\’t pull out the chair for everyone.

Being Trustworthy

In nowadays\’ society being trustworthy tells a lot about someone. In the world of people calling meeting\’s off in the last minute, and arriving late, someone who keeps their word, and arrives in time poses great value. Remember that arriving late suggests that the time of the one you are meeting is less valuable than yours.

The First Impression

A firm handshake is essential. Just find the middle ground between being too hard (showing dominance) and too loose (showing subserviency).

You should also be clean and dressed up. No you can\’t go down to the grocery store in your flip flops with greasy hair. You need to wash your hair and get dressed properly. A man  in home clothes, lacking hygiene suggests no discipline and self-respect.

Pay Attention

It is the greatest honor if someone decides to spend their time with you. Respect them by paying attention to what they say. Do not interrupt the time spent together by using your smartphone, unless it\’s absolutely necessary.


In today\’s society people are bragging a lot because they get instant gratification on their social media channels. But do you really like listening to a stranger who is only talking about their accomplishments in life? No? I thought so. You should only share your accomplishments with people who ask, or with people who you know are interested.

If you decide to share your success with someone, make sure you have the right timing for it. Don\’t do it in order to say bigger than what they just said. Also if something bad happens to someone, it is not the right moment.

Being Nice

You should be nice with everyone. The waiter, the bartender, they are not less just because they are serving you at the moment. You don\’t have to be rude with them just because you can. You should always be nice to everyone. Not because how they treat you, but because you are a gentleman.


Pay for the first date, as you are the one who asked her out. You are the one who she has given her time. Appreciate that. If she wants to split the bill though, it\’s okay to go with it.

Always text, or call her after the first date. Even if the date was not successful. She has given you her most valuable asset, her time. Honor that.

If the relationship gets to its end, break up in person. Don\’t be disrespectful by sending her a text or calling her with the bad news. Don\’t just disappear. You have brought a decision. You should be a man and be responsible for it.

Care With The Booze

If you know that you let your manner\’s go after a few shots, then you should keep your limit. The only exception is when you are home alone with the boys.

To summarize all the above mentioned it comes down to one sentence: “Treat others with the same respect you would like to be treated with.”. If you are not sure about how to behave, just take a deep breath, and do some thinking. How would I want to be treated in their position? Now you have the answer.


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