6 Common Misconceptions That People Think Are True


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Often, when you don\’t have the motivation, or the time to look deeper into questions, you ask your friends about them. But what if these questions didn\’t motivate your friends back then, and they have gathered the information the same way? Most likely, your answers will reflect the common thinking. But what if the common thinking is false? Let\’s debunk 6 famous scientific facts, which are actually false.

The lightning never strikes twice

A lightning striking a certain point changes nothing in the storm. This means that the chance of hitting the exact same point remains the same after hitting it.  The phrase came alive to signify that something\’s chance is really small. 

There is a dark side of the moon

We can only see the same side of the moon everyday, all year from planet earth. The phrase actually stands for the side that we can\’t see. It is easy to get it wrong, as it is the “dark” side. However the moon also rotates around its axis, just like earth, so there has to be a sunny time. The reason why we can only see 1 side of it, is that it\’s speed of rotation around its axis and earth are the same.

People only use 10% of their brains

The fact that you might only use 10% of your brain doesn\’t mean that you never use the other 90%. Different parts of your brains, are for different activities. You don\’t use all your brainpower for an activity, just as you doesn\’t use all your muscles in your body for one.

Alcohol kills brain cells

No, alcohol can\’t kill brain cells. However excessive alcohol consumption over a longer period of time, will affect not only your brain cells, but all the cells in your body. In a negative way.

Shaving hair will make it grow thicker

I have to disappoint you guys, it\’s all based on your genetics. The myth came alive, because the hair tapers at the end, so when it is cut, you will see a thicker part of it, than what you have seen before. Another reason for the birth of this misconception, is that after shaving, your skin becomes distinguishable, so you can see a greater contrast.


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