9+1 Foods That Will Boost Your Energy


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Waking up after a bad night\\\’s sleep, casually feeling low on energy… It is always important to treat your body right. With a constant low energy level, you can say goodbye to your motivation, your workout plans and your future goals. The first thing that nowadays\\\’ people are reaching for is the energy drink, the coffee and the candy bar. These foods are full of sugar, which will raise your blood-sugar level giving you a fast kick in. The downside is, that this kick will not just fade away, but crash soon, leaving you without energy once again. Don\\\’t get me wrong, coffee can be a great decision in  the morning, but overdoing it would cause the same effect. You should concentrate on foods that give you the healthy fats, proteins and carbohydrates that get digested throughout the day.

1/9 Egg

Almost 10% of an egg is made of protein. A regular egg contains around 70 calories, and has more nutrients per calorie than most other foods. These nutrients and protein, will make you feel full, and will be absorbed by your body in many hours. This means that you won\\\’t have to drink that extra coffee or eat that extra candy bar. You will be able to focus on whatever you want.


2/9 Oatmeal

When you ask your nutritionist about what your breakfast should be, they will tell you some foods that contain a lot of fibers. And yes, oatmeal does have a lot. But why fibers? Your body needs a lot of time to digest fibers, hence it will supply you with energy during those hours.

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oatmeal with strawberry

3/9 Tea

If you want to have some more energy, but also taste something good, please choose tea over the other sugary drinks. Although tea contains less calories than these drinks, the sugar spike would destroy your energy level. Moreover teas contain a lot of nutrients, and some of them even caffeine, that can help you stay energized.


4/9 Nuts

When I go hiking, or if I know that I won\\\’t have time for a full meal, I often take nuts with me. Almonds, pistachios, cashews, walnuts, etc., they are full of nutrients. If you keep snacking on these, you will have the energy for your tasks, even if you couldn\\\’t have a proper meal.


5/9 Fatty Fish

Salmon, tuna, sardine.. Most of fatty fishes contain many nutrients including B vitamins. The B12 vitamin combined with folic acid, helps to maintain the right red blood cell level in your body, which is key for the general energetic feeling.

sliced fishes

6/9 Banana

Bananas are high in carbohydrates, potassium and Vitamin B6. These components make them a great choice for boosting one\\\’s energy. According to an experiment in 2012, the cyclists who ate banana before a 75km track, performed better than usual.


7/9 Coffee

As in the beginning mentioned, coffee can give you a quick boost. It will in reality not boost your energy level, but it will make your brain think you have more. If your tasks are not focused on high energy consuming activities, then coffee is a great choice. Just make sure you don\\\’t overdo it.


8/9 Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate is not only delicious (in my opinion), but also many-sided. It contains more cocoa than any other kind of chocolate. The antioxidants in the cocoa can boost your blood circulation, which leads to a faster blood supply in your muscles and brain. This can help you stay alert, and is also very useful when working out.

dark chocolate

9/9 Yogurt

Yogurt contains high-quality proteins that will supply you with energy for hours. But this is not even the best part. The basic taste of yogurt makes it a great pair for other elements of this list (banana, dark chocolate), and you can even combine it with other healthy foods like fruits.


9 1 Water

I think you have already realized, when you don\\\’t drink enough water, you get tired. Drinking a lot of water can help your body transport key nutrients to its cells. It will also help your metabolism, which can lead to weight loss. Moreover, if you decide to add some lemon to it, it gets filled with electrolytes, that makes your body a more optimal place to create energy.



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