19 Hygiene Habits You Should Break The Habit


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Do you regularly wash your teeth and shower? You undoubtedly consider yourself to be a clean person, yet this is often untrue. Most people neglect or miss a few items that might significantly affect their hygiene and, consequently, their long-term health. Keep reading to discover the hygiene practices that can harm you. Here are 20 “healthy” things to stop doing now.


Irregular bed linen changes


Some people make a concerted effort to avoid doing laundry. And it’s not just about clothes; bedding that hasn’t been cleaned in months (or longer) turns into a breeding ground for bacteria, fungi, dust mites, and more, and that’s just the beginning. Unwashed bed linens, as well as pajamas and clothing, can, in the worst case, result in a staph infection. Therefore, it’s crucial to replace the bed linens at least once or twice a week.


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