Dog slept next to little boy – reason revealed the next morning!


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This dog always sleeps next to Tommy, his best friend, and playmate. The dog was allowed to do whatever he wanted as long as he didn’t wake Tommy up.

But a few weeks later, they had the scare of their lives when his mother tried to wake her son…

dog and baby

Jennifer, 28, and Adam, 32, let their son sleep with his best friend every night: Their faithful friend named Rex.

Rex had always been such a gentle and kind dog to their son that they couldn’t expect him to do anything to their son, Little did they know that Rex had a very specific reason for sleeping with little Tommy every night…

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It all started when Tommy was born. Tommy’s parents were thrilled to bring their son home from the hospital and introduce him to their loyal dog, Rex was very happy and licked their baby’s entire face. Tommy also seemed to really enjoy his time with Rex.

But one day, when Rex started scratching at Tommy’s bedroom door, the family realized something very strange…

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