15 Most Shocking Celebrity Breakups


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We all go through em. It\’s never fun for anyone. You know what I\’m talking about: breakups. Turns out, people in the limelight, like our favorite celebrities can\’t avoid them either. When someone\’s seemingly perfect relationship is in the center of the public eye, we, as fans, can become invested and attached to that relationship. Take “Brangelina”, for example. So, it can definitely come as a shock when these celeb couples split. The following article provides you with some of THE most shocking celebrity breakups.

1/15 Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston

Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston
The Frisky

Our first most shocking celebrity breakup is one that broke the hearts of many. While “America\’s Sweetheart” Jennifer Aniston was making her claim to fame as Rachel on Friends and Brad Pitt was making his name as a big time movie star, they were a real heavenly Hollywood couple. According to The Insider, couple started dating in 1998, was married in 2000, and then split up after five years of marriage after a reported affair on Pitt\’s side. We\’ll never forget you Braniston. 

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